#153 Engaging Reluctant Dads: Strategies for Shared Success

fasd success show Apr 22, 2024

Join host Jeff Noble in this week's episode of The FASD Success Show as he sits down with Dr. Mike Howlett, a dedicated father, and veterinarian, who shares his personal and professional experiences in navigating FASD within his family.

In his professional capacity Mike or Dr. Mike is a full time small animal Veterinarian with a background education in Engineering and Biology before pursuing his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree. Along the way he pursued his interests in Aviation earning his commercial pilots license, Level 1 fire-fighter training and just for fun went to clown school and worked as a children's entertainer. In his home life Mike has been in a committed relationship with his wife of 25 years, is the father of 2 special needs children, fur dad to 2 Golden Retrievers and a Boston Terrier collected from his work along with being a faithful servant to his 2 household cat masters.

Tune in to hear Jeff and Mike discuss the specific challenges and perspectives fathers face, as well as:

  • Understanding the Role: Exploring the unique position fathers hold in caregiving and the common obstacles they encounter that may lead to reluctance in fully engaging with their children’s needs.
  • Balancing Acts: Dr. Mike shares how he navigates his demanding career while being an active and present caregiver, offering strategies for dads to manage and compartmentalize professional stress alongside family responsibilities.
  • Championing Advocacy: Dads will learn practical tips to effectively advocate for their children within their home and school systems, ensuring their kids receive the support and accommodations they need.

This episode is a call on all fathers to step forward, engage, and embrace their pivotal role in the journey of FASD caregiving. 

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