HOPE SHREDS: Strumming Through the Struggles with Demi!


Do you find yourself asking, "Does it get any better? Who will take care of them when I'm not here? It's the thought that keeps many of us up at night. But let me tell you, there's light ahead, and it's shining brightly in the stories of individuals like Demi Forsyth. 

In today’s episode, Demi doesn't hold back. She's living proof that the journey with FASD is as much about the wins as it is about the challenges. She’s here to share her personal playbook on how she's navigated the path to independence, handled life's sharp turns, and found her footing when things seemed off-balance. 

Here's a sneak peek of what you'll discover: 

  • Demi’s approach to forging her own path and what it signals for young adults with FASD. 
  • Insights into Demi’s strategies for adapting to life's shifts, from new living environments to dealing with loss. 
  • Demi’s tried-and-true techniques for managing her finances, offering a blueprint for success that really works. 
  • A look into how Demi has made the workplace work for her, advocating for accommodations that help her excel. 

We also touch on: 

  • The victories and growth Demi has experienced showcase what can be achieved with perseverance and the right support. 
  • The importance of finding your community, a group of allies who provide that much-needed backup when the road gets bumpy. 
  • Practical advice, the kind that's been put to the test – from stretching a dollar to self-care strategies that help keep life balanced. 
  • The significance of embracing personal passions, which for Demi, include the strings of her guitar and the melody of her music. 

This episode is a heartfelt reminder that while the road may be rough, it's traveled best together. It’s a conversation about real experiences that will empower you, fuel your determination, and reinforce the conviction that yes, it does get better. 

Ready to tune in? 

Plug in your headphones and get set for a journey that’s sure to resonate with anyone navigating the FASD path. It's about more than just making it through – it's about writing your own story of success, one day at a time. 


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