The Evolution of FASD Day: From Awareness to Global Movement

fasd success show Sep 12, 2023

Did you rock your reds September 9th?

Did you even know September 9th was International FASD Awareness Day? 

If not, no worries - I got you covered with the launch of my FASD Success Show YouTube channel. 

So, let's discover the journey of FASD Day and how it's uniting people worldwide.

You're not alone and here's why!

Red Shoes are More than a Fashion Statement

Have you ever wondered about the story behind those vibrant red shoes you see on FASD Day? It's not just about making a bold fashion statement. It's about standing out, being proud, and advocating for understanding and acceptance.

The Origins of FASD Day

FASD, or Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder, is a complex condition that varies from person to person. It's considered the most common known cause of developmental disabilities in the Western world. And yes, it deserves its own day of recognition. The first International FASD Awareness Day was celebrated in perfect harmony on the ninth day of the ninth month in 1999 at 9:09 AM, all around the world.

The Power of Red Shoes

The Red Shoes Rock movement, initiated by my buddy R.J. Formanek, and brought to life by our friend Jodee Kulp, transformed FASD Day from a date on the calendar to a global movement. R.J.'s choice of red shoes was deeply personal, symbolizing freedom, speed, and the audacity to stand out. That is what caught Jodee's eye, who then designed the logo to represent the Red Shoes Rock movement! They each became a beacon of hope, passion, support, and love. And when people ask about his red shoes? He simply says, "It's about love."

Lighting Up the World for FASD

From the CN Tower to Niagara Falls, and land marks around the globe, each glow red for FASD Day. It's not just for show. It's a beacon of unity and awareness, a testament to the hard work of advocates like Bonnie Buxton, Brian Philcox and Teresa Kellerman. Behind every lit monument and every pair of red shoes is a real person with a real story.

Let's Make Some Waves

FASD isn't just about a day. It's a movement, a lifestyle, a way of life. It's about celebrating differences, advocating for understanding, and lifting each other up. So, what are you waiting for? Let's make some waves and change the world, one red shoe at a time.

Thank you so much for reading. Keep up the hard work. Byyyeeeeee for now

Jeff - 

P.S. Here's How YOU can Join the Movement:

  1. Share the Knowledge: Share this post (and my YouTube video) and spread the word about FASD. Knowledge is power, but only when shared.
  2. Rock those Red Shoes: Start conversations, not just about FASD, but about acceptance, understanding, and love. September if FASD month and red shoes are for anytime!
  3. Engage with the Community: Use the hashtags #FASDSuccess and #RedShoesRock to connect with others and share your story.

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