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Uncategorized Apr 16, 2021

I’ve never done this before, a bonus episode of the show. I didn’t plan on creating one, it just turned into one. Here, let me give you some insight.  

I’m not going to be doing any more workshops or trainings for the near future. I have a project that I'm working on, that’s going to need all of my attention. I give more details during the show. 

Having said that, I will be doing one more “live” workshop before I turn my focus on this project.  And that will be the upcoming 2-day virtual Insight Conference organized by The Honestly Adoption Company. Yours truly will be one of the 12 leading presenters in the medical, therapeutic and parenting strategies field.  

Instead of me giving vague details, I reached out to Mike and Kristin Berry, co-founders of the conference on why you should attend. According to Mike, you will: 

“gain practical insight and wisdom into how trauma impacts your children, but most importantly how you can parent differently and build trust and build connection with your children.” 

Mike and Kirstin get it. I’ve appeared on their podcast, they have appeared on mine: Check out: #038 The Berrys: Transforming From Trauma.  

They have been where you are. I’ve been where you are. I’m honoured to call them part of my circle and I want YOU to be part of that circle. And it might just be the last time you see me present for a while. If you’ve seen the conference advertised but haven’t made your decision, let me sweeten the deal for you by revealing: 

  • Who this conference is for (hint: it’s for caregivers like you). 
  • How to entice the professionals who work with your kids to attend (part of it involves professional credits for the first time). 
  • What exactly you get access to for an incredible price (including my offer). 

The more educated you become, the better you’ll become at understanding why your kids act the way they do, and then you will be better equipped to respond and accommodate. The Insight Conference will help you become an even better parent. And I’ll be there - welcoming you like an old friend - presenting on Grief and Loss. 

So what are you waiting for? Listen to this special podcast right to the end, for the offer, and then head over to this special Insight Conference link to register. 


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