#090 Dr. Peter Choate: Trauma, FASD and Prevention

fasd success show Jan 08, 2022
You know me. I’m a geek at heart. And I always say although I do know a lot about FASD, I’m not a doctor, a social worker, or a lawyer. That’s why I’m excited to bring you Dr. Peter Choate, a social worker, who has influenced my work. I must admit I was a bit nervous, but Peter started off the interview with a dad joke and I knew we were on our way to a great conversation. 

Peter W. Choate, MSW, RCSW, PhD, PhD is Professor, Social Work, Program Coordinator, Member and Supervisor, Clinical Registry, Alberta College of Social Workers. Peter’s teaching focuses on assessment issues in social work, including families, as well as child and adolescent mental health. He has served for 5 years as the Field Director for the First- and Second-Year Practicum Program and is now the Program Coordinator. Peter is an expert witness in social work with sub-specialties in the areas of  social work case management, parenting capacity (including risk, domestic violence, and addictions), Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder and cross-cultural  assessment. He has published extensively in the field of assessment and child protection and has spoken nationally and internationally in this area.


I was quite fascinated with the idea of how we educate people about alcohol in a Society where alcohol is so prominent. I was very skeptical at the time that alcohol warning labels would be effective, and research has proven that. 


This episode has everything. There were so many rabbit holes we went down: FASD prevention, stigma, judgement, trauma, addiction, exclusion, inclusion, epigenetics, harm reduction. It is hard to believe we fit it all in an hour – but we did. And you are going to find some great take-aways, including:  

  • Scripts to use with professionals / the system when discussing your child’s behaviour. 
  • Thoughts on why the general population is not understanding the seriousness of FASD. 
  • What we can do to support mothers and fathers with healthy pregnancies. 
  • How our language needs to change if we want things to change. 


Solutions are not found in pointing out what you cannot do. Solutions are found in pointing out what is possible and building upon that. 


We spend a lot of time discussing transactional values and trauma. In fact, Dr. Bruce Perry’s latest book is one he recommends. He also recommends one from Angela Geddes – a previous podcast guest (link below). You are going to find out why I admire Peter and his work. His experience and passion are clear.  

I know when you are amid your own struggles and challenges it feels like no one is out there trying to change the system. But I hope the guests we bring to you on The FASD Success Show, like Dr. Peter Choate, help you understand that there are people out there and we are getting there.  


Show Notes: 

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