#148 Transforming FASD Through Peer Mentorship

fasd success show Mar 03, 2024

Welcome to another enlightening episode of The FASD Success Show, where we continue to explore new dimensions of support and understanding within the Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) community. Episode #148 - Discover the Impact: Transforming FASD with Peer Mentorship - takes us on a journey into the heart of connection, empathy, and empowerment with Tracy, Catherine and Nicole.

Tracy Moisan is the the Program Director for the FASD & Me: Strengthening My Community program, including the recent pilot project, FASD & Me: for Teens & Youth Peer Mentoring Program. She is also a founding member and past director of two FASD parent support networks and Program Director for the the National Consortium on Aggression toward Family/Caregivers in Childhood and Adolescence (AFCCA). As an adoptive parent she also advocates and has partnered on multiple research studies sharing her lived experience.

Catherine McIntyre, MSW, RSW is a Social Worker with the FASD & Me: for Teens & Youth Peer Mentoring Project at Adopt4Life, an Intensive Therapist and FASD Clinic Coordinator at Reach Out Centre for Kids Children’s Mental Health Agency and a member of the Halton FASD Resource. She has been part of developing and implementing many FASD related programs, leading FASD trainings in her community, and working with families who have a child with FASD. 

Nicole, one of the six mentors for the FASD & Me: for Teens & Youth Peer Mentoring project is an inspiring adult on the Spectrum who is also the daughter of Jeff's long-time team mate, Yvonne. She has become a strong and confident self-advocate who shares her story through presentations at groups, conferences and various opportunities which present themselves - including a feature on FASD in a National Newspaper and meeting the Prime Minster of Canada, which she talked about in Episode 008 of The FASD Success Show!

In this episode, you will hear the profound effects the peer mentorship program had in the lives of not only the individuals with FASD who participated and their caregivers but also the Youth Mentors - Christina, Connor, Monica, Nicole, Sabrina and Shelby. Nicole shares her personal experience as one of the  mentors, while Catherine and Tracy share how the mentors utilized heir stories to inspire and support others within the FASD community. It's a deep look into how mentorship can bridge gaps, foster understanding, and create a supportive network that empowers individuals to navigate the complexities of FASD with confidence.

After listening, you will walk away with an understanding of:

  • The Role of Mentorship: Learn about the transformative power of mentorship and how shared experiences can light the path for those feeling isolated or misunderstood.
  • Importance of a Supportive Community: Discover the importance of creating spaces where individuals can seek help, share their journeys, and find strength in the collective wisdom of those who truly understand.
  • Strategies for Empowerment: Gain valuable insights into practical strategies that encourage both mentors and mentees to grow, learn, and thrive despite the challenges posed by FASD.

You will also get first hand knowledge of the second phase of the project - Until Next Time | FASD & Me: For Teens & Youth video series where each of the mentors share insight for other teens with FASD on topics such as school, work, community and family. See Show Notes for a link to the video series.

In a world where individuals with FASD and their caregivers often face significant hurdles, we are reminded that strength is found in community and connection. Nicole's journey, along with her follow project mentors, underscore the importance of recognizing the unique needs of individuals with FASD and the impactful role of empathy and support in fostering success. 

Navigating the Storms Together:

As we explore the power of mentorship in transforming the FASD landscape, we're also excited to share registration is open for our upcoming FASD Aggression Masterclass (March 6, 2024). This event is specially designed for caregivers looking for effective ways to manage aggression, a common challenge in FASD caregiving. Join us for an in-depth exploration of strategies that can help turn tense moments into opportunities for growth and understanding.

Secure Your Spot Now: www.fasdsuccess.com/aggression 


Show Notes:

Check out YouTube video for the Until Next Time | FASD & Me: For Teens video series or the Adopt 4 Life website for The FASD & Me: Strengthening My Community Program.

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