#126 Ask Me Anything about FASD with Jeff Noble ROUND 2

fasd success show Oct 01, 2022
The first AMA episode (#112) was so successful I am back with brand new questions, submitted by caregivers, for Round 2 of the Q and Ehs!
It’s important to recognize I am not a doctor, lawyer or social worker. I do have lived experience, education and have interviewed many individuals with FASD, researchers, professionals in the field and coached hundreds of families. I like to say, you are the expert on your child, I’m an advisor.

In this Ask Me Anything episode, you will find my best research and answers to the following:

1. Why is it so hard for other people to accept that the children's behaviour doesn't mean they are just naughty little brats but little people who have no control and need more love and patience?

2. How do I respond to “I’m not preparing them for real life” when I try to explain or advocate for my parenting choices?

3. Is the wool being pulled over my eyes when my child can do something one day...

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#125 Heather Vickers 51 Years of FASD Experience

fasd success show Sep 24, 2022

Have you heard the phrase, nothing about us without us? Many self-advocates use the phrase to remind us that we need to keep people with experience in the conversations. We’ve had quite a few individuals with FASD on the Show, and I thought a great way to wrap up FASD Month was to hear from someone who openly shares her experience with many caregivers to help them understand their kids.

Heather Vickers received her diagnosis seven years ago, at age 44. She has been married since 2005, has a stepson with Autism, and is a cat mom and self-advocate.

I move in the world as a 15-year-old for a lot of things. I am 51 chronologically but 15 on the inside. My husband really guides me. Even though I can drive and make my own appointments, I rely on him for a lot of stuff.

In this episode, Heather candidly shares the difficulties she experienced before a diagnosis as a child and young adult trying to find her way, as well as what life is like now and her support system. We...

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#124 Jessica Sinarski Helping Kids Understand Big Feelings

fasd success show Sep 17, 2022

Caregivers ask me all the time … how can I teach my loved ones skills to soothe themselves, stop a meltdown, or regulate themselves. Understanding the sensory system is key to answering those questions and you can get some ideas on how to do that with my guest this week, Jessica Sinarski. We first met Jessica in episode #099, Insight on Trauma, Attachment, and Sensory Systems. She returns to talk about her upcoming book aimed at normalizing sensory processing differences and helping kids understand their sensory systems.

Jessica Sinarski is a highly sought-after therapist, speaker, and change-maker. Extensive post-graduate training and 15+ years as a clinician and educator led her to create the resource and training platform–BraveBrains. She makes brain science practical, helping parents and professionals become healers for hurting children. She is the author of the award-winning Riley the Brave series, Hello, Anger, and more.

I was actually working on a book...

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#123 BONUS Episode FASD Day Extravaganza

fasd success show Sep 09, 2022

It’s September 9 and that means it’s International FASD Awareness Day! In honour of that, we have a unique and special treat for you today! What started out as a quick promo video for a new song, turned into a BONUS podcast episode because it was so great!

I am talking to Joanne Garofalo from Voice in a Million & FASD Hub Scotland and Darren Day, an actor and singer from the UK, about the release of a new song – You Are My Song – written by James Hawkins.

I have recorded charity singles before, but there was something different when I sang this, and I felt a different emotion. The reason this feels different and is so important – I’ve spoken to others who should know about this because of the work they do, and they don’t. Suddenly I feel like it’s my mission.

The cool part is that while this version is launched today - FASDay - a bigger project is in the works that anyone can participate in. You will get all...

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#122 Essential FASD Back To School T.I.P.S. with Danna Ormstrup

fasd success show Sep 03, 2022
Even if school has started, there is still time to set the tone to help you and your child have the best year and relationship with school personnel. I brought this week’s guest back after seeing her last episode is in the top 7 downloads. This tells me that listeners like what she is saying, and I know you are going to love her back to school tips!
Danna is the Director of the Foothills Fetal Alcohol Society and an FASD Instructional Coach with the Wrap2FASD program. She has a Bachelor of Arts Degree and attended Mount Royal University for Recreation. Her career includes working with moms, serving as a teaching assistant, and managing an agency that supported adults with developmental disabilities. Danna has a deep belief that empathy can encourage us to be creative effective responders to “all things FASD: and that with compassion, all things are possible!
We think we need to have all the paperwork lined up, but I’m going to...
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#121 Audrey McFarlane Breaking FASD News

fasd success show Aug 27, 2022

One of my goals with The FASD Success Show podcast is to bring you a wide variety of guests, including those who are leading experts in the FASD community. Today’s guest, Audrey McFarlane is no exception. She returns for the third time and brings updates on research and some exciting announcements of interest to our listeners from anywhere in the world.

Ms. McFarlane is the Executive Director for the Canada Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Research Network. She was one of the founders of the Lakeland Centre for FASD and led this organization for almost 20 years. In the past 20 years, she has been passionate about working with individuals with FASD, their families, and service systems to develop best practice service models in rural diagnosis; community outreach, and prevention. Audrey has presented at the local, regional, national, and international levels on many issues related to FASD. As Executive Director of the national research network in FASD, she directs and...

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#120 Marj Wingrove Talking to Kids with FASD about Death

fasd success show Aug 20, 2022

Today’s episode is a heavy topic that might make some people uncomfortable, but it is one that we should be prepared for – because it is inevitable at some point our children will be faced with death – whether that is a pet, family member or friend.

We reached out to Marjorie Wingrove who is a death doula, in Eastern Ontario. Her focus is on death education, bereavement support and end-of-life preparation. In 2021 she created the Death Happens podcast with support from Trent Radio. Marjorie is a single parent of two adolescents, one with prenatal alcohol exposure.

She has served as a parent advisor on several committees and workshopped coping strategies with other parents of kids with FASD.

There is nothing easy about the topic of death. Instead, invite curiosity. We do not get over grief. If there is love, there is going to be grief. There is no method necessarily except to pay attention to what is going on with the person who is bereaved and to listen...

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#119 Miranda Eodanable Photovoice: Young People’s Experiences and Views of FASD

fasd success show Aug 13, 2022

Have you ever wished you could understand how your loved one experiences the world? What do they think about their disability and what do they want others to understand? Today’s guest is going to help us do that. Last year, Miranda Eodanable was on The FASD Success Show to talk about a Photovoice Research Project she was about to undertake, asking young people to document their experience in pictures. In this episode, she shares the results from the group of eight individuals with FASD (ages 12 – 19 years old) who participated.

Miranda is anEducational Psychologist in Scotland responsible for neurodevelopmental assessment pathways with health services in areas of FASD and Intellectual Disabilities. She has worked in education systems for the last 20 years and has guest lectured on the Scottish Masters in Educational Psychology courses. Currently, she is working on a Ph.D. at the University of Edinburgh on the value and impact of an FASD diagnosis.

Parents are...

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#118 Mark Courtepatte: FASD & IEPs

fasd success show Aug 06, 2022

It’s back-to-school season, and with that comes IEPs, IPRCs, 504s, and education plans! If the terms or process are confusing and frustrating, we have you covered in this week’s podcast with Mark Courtepatte – one of the most popular Insider Experts in our CKS Coaching Program. But you don’t have to be in the program now to hear his expertise!

Mark is not your average FASD advocate! When he is not at his day job, he is very dedicated to his role as the Co-Chair of the Hamilton FASD Support Group. What started as a group of 5-6 individuals, Mark and his team have created significant programs, events, and advocacy in their home community and across Ontario. Through his FASD work, Mark has also taken an interest in the IPRC and IEP process, helping folks understand the process and their rights. Mark also has a unique perspective as he is a partner to someone with FASD.

I did not grow up as a disability advocate. I think like most of the...

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#117 Rhonda & Shawn: How to love someone with FASD who’s hurt someone

fasd success show Jul 30, 2022

Tigger Warning: Incarceration, Suicide, Trauma and Sexual Assault 

This unique episode has some critical information about how systemic barriers and failures can result in adverse outcomes for individuals with FASD. We will leave the detail for the episode, but we want to give you a general idea about the content. 

First up, I want to thank Shawn for being brave and vulnerable in sharing his story. Rhonda also has my deep respect for supporting and loving him through this process, while also recognizing the impact and harm on the victim.  

Rhonda has worked in the child welfare system for 30 years. She was first introduced to FASD in her personal life when she provided respite for Debbie and Bill Michaud (both former podcast guests). Eventually, she raised 8 individuals (most with FASD) and supported a variety of their friends and family along the way, which is how she came to know Shawn.


Our talking about this and trying to find understanding...

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