#005 Tamra Cajo: A Diagnosis with Mindfulness in Mind

fasd success show Jan 19, 2020
Meet Tamra Cajo - the FASD Clinical Director at The Florida Center for Early Childhood (FCEC). The FCEC is the ONLY FASD diagnostic clinic in the whole state of Florida.

This week, Jeff talks to Tamra talk about pretty much EVERYTHING, including:

  • Tamra's own leaning curve and FASD journey since becoming Clinical Director at FCEC
  • The steps a family goes through when getting assessed for FASD at her clinic
  • Why a good assessment can be more important than the diagnosis itself
  • The benefits of community and why it's SO important to connect
  • How to calm your "Monkey Brain" to help you through caregiver "self talk" sabotage


Show Notes:

The Florida Center

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#004 Maggie May An Amazing Adult with FASD

fasd success show Jan 13, 2020
Meet Maggie May.  A young adult with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder. In her day-to-day life, Maggie wears many hats - she is a helper, a student, a speaker and moderator of a Private Facebook Group that supports people with FASD. 

Jeff and Maggie talk about about what it's like having FASD, how she manages the symptoms associated with the disability - specifically memory and impulse control (or sometimes the lack thereof).  

Maggie also shares some amazing tips on everything from managing a meltdown to her insights on transitioning into adulthood. 

Show Notes

Want to connect with Maggie? You can find her in the Facebook Group: Flying With Broken Wings

In the interview, Maggie talks about a whiteboard that she uses as a memory tool to help her with her jobs and daily tasks. Simple strategy - big results!   

Thanks for listening, gang!
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#003 Gigi Davidson Founder of FASD Communities

fasd success show Jan 02, 2020

Housing insecurity is a serious issue for most people with special needs, but finding appropriate and supportive housing for adults with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder is even harder to come by. Never Fear! In this episode Jeff interviews someone who is doing something about it. 

Meet Gigi Davidson. Gigi is the Founder of FASD Communities and she is going to share her story as an FASD Caregiver to a young man and how she started up a one-of-a-kind, long-term residential care home for individuals with FASD.

Show Notes:

FASD Communities

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